What are the most popular types of fences?

The most popular types of fences are Chain Link, Wood, PVC/Vinyl and Ornamental.


What are some factors that I should consider when choosing the type of fence that I want installed?

Is this fence for protection, privacy or beauty?


What are the popular choices of fences for around pools and hot tubes?

A homeowner is required to have a fence installed around their pool. Chain link, ornamental, PVC and wood all work great to keep you pool safe.


When are you able to install fences?

As with any construction project, the installation of a fence depends on the weather and access to the site. We have been lucky that we can install fences year round.


I sent a request a quote in through your website, when can I expect a call?

At Citadel Fence, we pride ourselves with great customer service. You can expect a call within 24-48 hours of your submission.


How long does it take to install my fence?

This depends on the size of the job and the materials selected but an average chain link fence job can be completed within 1-2 days.


Can I expect to see Citadel Fence on rainy days?

If Citadel Fence can be productive with our installation of your fence, then we will be there! However if we are doing more harm then good, we will hold off.


How do I locate my property lines?

Generally, our customers use their lot plans from when they purchased their homes. Your lot plan will have measurements which will help you locate your property line and mark it our before Citadel Fence arrives to complete the install. We encourage all of our customers to mark out the proposed installation line of their fence prior to our arrival so that neighbors have the opportunity to approve the location and avoid any delays with our Citadel Fence crew.


I received my quote from Citadel Fence, but I want to change something, is this possible?

Absolutely, contact someone from the office, or the salesperson that completed the quote and we will be happy to make adjustments to our quote?


What happens if we are not able to drive the fence posts because we hit rock?

If Citadel Fence is unable to complete the proper install of the fence because our install team hits rock, we have special equipment that can be brought into complete the job on a time and material basis.


What are the main advantages of choosing Chain Link?

Chain Link is an economical, long lasting and maintenance-free fencing material making it a popular choice for homeowners with children, pets or a pool or hot-tub. Easy to install, Chain Link provides safety and security without breaking the bank.


Is Chain Link available in different colours?

The most popular choice is Black because it blends in with most surroundings. But other colours include: White, Brown, and Green. (Available through special order) It’s important to note that city by-laws require chain link mesh match all framework in colour.


Do you also offer privacy slats for the Chain Link?

We do offer polyethylene privacy slats, but it should be noted that standard residential Chain Link fence systems are not typically designed to hold the snow and wind loads that is incurred when adding privacy slats. We strongly recommend that people who are looking at Chain Link for privacy because of the attractive price should research alternatives first (i.e., wood or vinyl fences). We will allow for a stronger frame if this is required.


Is the Chain Link available in different heights and sizes?

Chain Link is manufactured in many different heights, wire gauges and diamond sizes.


How do I know which gauge and diamond size are best for my home?

Typically, the size of the framework only changes with the height of the fence – 6’ high will require stronger framework than 5’ high. There are other factors that may affect requirements such as proximity to street plowing and pool by-law regulations. Our consultants will guide you through this process.